Hourly Staff Employment


Hourly Employee: job assignment for non-permanent (at-will) hourly employees or student enrolled in less than six units who works as an hourly employee.

All Hourly Assignments require board approval before employment. This applies to both New Hires and Rehires.

Please take note of our Board Dates and when items are due. Along with the employee completing hire paperwork if necessary, EPAFs must be created and approved by the department’s Dean, Department Manager, or Hiring Manager before items are due in order to be placed on the intended Board meeting.

Please note - Our fiscal year ranges from 7/1-6/30. Hourly assignments are always ended at the end of every fiscal year (6/30). An employee must be rehired if they are continuing to work into the next fiscal year (7/1-6/30). Reminder to create new EPAF will be sent to Managers, Faculty and Staff toward the end of the fiscal year.

Student Employees - Must be currently enrolled in at least 6 units for the semester. Please refer to link for more information regarding this classification.

Finding a Job:

Each department conducts their own interviews and makes their own selection decisions. Approach each department and ask if they are seeking Hourly Staff.

New Hire - Hourly Employee:
All hiring paperwork, including the Live Scan results and the TB Certificate of Completion, must be completed and submitted to HR prior to approval. HR must receive and review the Live Scan/fingerprint report prior to giving formal approval of employment. Please take into consideration the time needed to complete a TB assessment and/or skin test and Live Scan clearance. In most cases, Live Scan results are submitted to HR within 3-5 business days; however, due to various reasons, results can be delayed.

All Live Scan and TB Exam fees from designated locations will be charged to the District.

Supervisors - Once a Hourly Employee has been offered a position by a department, please complete the following Google Form - New Hire Packet Request - Student and Hourly Employment

Information regarding TB/Live Scan clearance will then be sent to the hourly employee via email directly from HR.

The department should simultaneously create an EPAF for their prospective employee if the hourly applicant already has a K# because of a former association with the College such as a former student.

In cases in which an employee has never had any association (such as a current or former student) with the college:

  1. The prospective employee would need to complete a hiring packet before an EPAF can be created.
  2. HR will generate a K# with the information provided by the prospective employee.
  3. HR then notifies the department that an EPAF can be created.

The employee and supervisor will receive an auto-generated email once the EPAF is approved by Human Resources.

Please see full list of acceptable documents.

Prospective Student Employees - A New Hire Packet will be provided to you via NEOED. All necessary forms are form-fillable and can be signed with an electronic signature. Information regarding the necessary steps for TB and Live Scan clearance will be provided to you once you supervisor completes a request form.

The employee and supervisor will receive an auto-generated email once the EPAF is approved by Human Resources.

This office is open Monday-Thursday, 8:30 am -4:00 pm and Friday, 8:30 am -12:00 pm.

Rehire - Hourly Employee

Supervisors - EPAFs for rehires can be created at any time because the applicant has an existing K#:

  1. EPAFs will be approved once assignment is Board Approved and we verify hire paperwork is up-to date.
  2. Employee and supervisor will be notified if applicant needs to complete any forms.
  3. Employee and supervisor will receive an auto-generated email once the EPAF is complete.

*Additional TB or Live Scan results are not necessary.