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Pre-Recorded Webinar:

Preparing for Application Season - Fall 2024 Transfers
Learn about deadlines, application websites and how to prepare for applying to the universities for Fall 2024.  Connect here for the playlist and start with Part 1.  You can skip videos that are not relevant to you but it is advised to finish with "What to Prepare" and "What to Expect". Also, a URL to the slides can be found in the description and you can push all words that are underlined to be connected to an important websites.

Pre-Recorded Tutorials for the 2023-24 Transfer Admission Cycle: 

University of California:

  • UC TAG Application: Step-By-Step Tutorial - Click Here
  • UC Admssions Application: Step-By-Step Tutorial - Click Here
  • UC Transfer Academic Update [TAU] Tutorial - Click Here 
  • Video - I've Applied. Now What? - Click Here

California State University:

  • CSU Admissions Application: Step-By-Step Tutoriall - Click Here


Workshop Schedule

Fall 2023 

For the month of September, we will be offering one-on-one application assistance in the University Transfer Center in lieu of workshops.  Please begin by watching the "Preparing for Application Season" webinar above.  You will find links to applications and step-by-step tutorials for the UC TAP, TAG and CSU application.  Then you can reserve a spot in our Center to work on your application.  Please start your applications early as they are time consuming.

You can reserve a spot for one-on-one assistance in the following ways:
1. Book on  Google Calendar (only one week at a time will be posted)
2. Walk into the University Transfer Center on the first floor of the Student Service Building

Call: 805-730-8785

Additional workshops will be added at a later date.  For updates,  read the weekly University Transfer Newsletter delivered every Monday to your Pipeline email account. 

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